Epic Fails Found During Inspections

Epic Fails are pictures of actual conditions found during home inspections, that show some of the ridiculous (and often dangerous) situations created in some homes.

While they may appear entertaining, most should serve as a cautionary tale of what NOT to do around your home.

Integrity Home Inspections

Water and electricity don't mix. And it gets worse when you add in potentially hazardous chemicals!

Premier Inspections

Exposed terminals, metal garbage disposal . . . what could possibly go wrong?

Sanders Home Inspections

And probably located right next to a sink to boot!

Whole House Inspectors

Probably saved a whole fifty cents by not buying an adapter!

Morgan Inspections

Good thing that faucet packings never leak. Oh wait!

Top and Bottom Inspections

It's ok, they used heavy duty duct tape!

First Call Inspections

Joint cement is just two aisles over from the duct tape section. Should have walked the few extra steps!